Monday 20 August 2018

As Part of Our Club:

We are proud to announce that we are a fundraising club with Skater Accounts! This will give you a chance to earn a portion of your fundraising proceeds that can be applied to future registrations. As a non-Profit Organization we rely on fundraising to help us upgrade, replace and maintain all materials within the club. We also use the proceeds to acquire new items and and allow proper training and recognition for all of our skaters off of the ice.

All skaters registered in the club will acquire an account where they have the opportunity to earn funds that can be applied to future Skating credits. Skaters and families are not forced to fundraise, but are encouraged to take part in our program.

Skating credits are earned through fundraising. The skater will earn 50% of their fundraising which will be applied to their account that's held by the Abbotsford Skating Club. The other 50% will be given to the Abbotsford Skating Club to use as they deem necessary. In the past funds have been applied towards a new sound system, Skater of the month program, skater, coach and board education, test and simulation days, awards etc. Ice Shows and Club hosted events such as competitions are excluded from this program.

We are planning lots of great fundraisers this year. We want you! Please send us an email if you would like to be involved! 

We also are offering a unique fundraising experience for parents, please email the president of the club for more details if you haven't already received information.

Watch Facebook, Instagram and the info Board at MRC for details on all events!


Little Coupon Books will be available soon after September 5th! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view reserve yours.

November  Neufeldt Farms fundraiser will begin in November! The forms will be distributed in November and pick up day will be early December. Watch for more details. 


January  This is a no miss event! Our annual Skate-a-thon will be awesome. Watch for more details to come!
On going Fundraisers Sugar'd Langley- Present your card to the Sugar'd Langley location any time between now and July 31 2017 and get back 10% of your total for your club.  




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